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​Affordable Men's Rooming Accommodation Southport


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Rooming Accommodation Southport

​For over 20 years, Rooming Accommodation Southport has provided budget accommodation on the Gold Coast. This facility aims to prevent homelessness for Men over the age of 40.

R​ooming Accommodation Southport provides its clients with affordable rooms to rent. Our Southport facility is centrally located and is well secured with CCTV. The facility is placed on a major bus route with the bus stop minutes walk away from the facility. Australia Fair, one of the largest shopping centres on the Gold Coast, is located minutes walk away from the facility. Residents can perform all shopping and banking tasks at Australia Fair.

The facility is located extremely close to the Gold Coast’s renowned “Broadwater”, which is approximately 400 meters away from the facility. Each room comes furnished with a single bed, fridge, tallboy, built in wardrobe and a LCD Television.

Being in centrally located in Southport, the facility is located near several churches, restaurants, “fast food” outlets, Pharmacy and a convenience store.


Over ​20 Years

​We understand your needs!! ​And if your after budget accommodation we are here to help


​Very Well Priced

​We offer accommodation at a very affordable rate anyone can afford our accommodation.


Centrally Located ​

​Rooming Accommodation Southport is located in the heart of the Gold Coast CBD. There ​heaps of public transport and services.

Services Included

  • Levels of Support
  • Facility Features
  • ​PriciNG

The following lists costs associated with accommodation at our Southport Facility

  • Our rooms range from $320 per fortnight to $440 per fortnight.
  • Rental is paid fortnightly in advance.
  • The first fortnight of rent is charged at 1.5x the fortnightly cost on a separate fixed term agreement.

For example, If you were accepted to move in to a $320 per fortnight room, the first fortnight of rental will cost you $480.00 every fortnight thereafter will cost you $320.00.

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