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What drives us to provide our service!

We’re a Family-Owned Company With One Goal

To Consistently Offer The Best Level Of Service And Care To Our Residents

For over 40 years, family-owned Cotlew Manor has provided a premium supported accommodation service and affordable rooming accommodation. Through innovation and knowledge of accreditation requirements, we have made it possible for many hobbies, interests and social networks to be created or remain active in a resident’s life when joining the Cotlew Manor family.


Cotlew Manor understands that future success depends largely on continuing to offer residents superior services whilst implementing changes to increase each resident’s quality of life. By upholding a high level of communication between upper management, front line staff and external service providers, Cotlew Manor is able to clearly assess the needs of its residents and the most beneficial implementations or changes of processes it needs to create in order to increase its residents care and/or happiness.


Cotlew Manor prides itself and is known for not only maintaining industry standards, but continuingly discovering ways to surpassing them. Cotlew Manor has been independently recognised as delivering the best service practices in the industry such as its, food service and cleaning service. Cotlew Manor is also known for its provision of different activity facilities within its accommodation center for example aside from accommodation our facility also consists of a theatre room, library, games room, computer room and swimming pool.

Do you require services along with your Accommodation?

Cotlew Manor Ashmore

Our Ashmore facility provides Supported Accommodation services to people with mental, intellectual and physical disabilities. We provide as part of our service, meals, medication management, room cleaning and more.

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